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It’s Hot, Drink ThisThe name says it all! This Charbay Meyer Lemon Vodka cocktail, created by our very own Johnny Marrs, is the perfect summer concoction that's easy to make and unbeatable to enjoy. It's summer in a glass!
Kissed by a RoséDelicately crisp and balanced cocktail, light and super refreshing!! Easy to make too - Charbay Meyer Lemon Vodka, fresh lemon juice, touch of honey, topped with Rosé. Poolside crusher for sure! 🍸 Bartender's Creation - Recipe created by Mia Hensley at Ausiello's Homeslice, Santa Rosa.
Not Jaded YetCreated by Kathleen Amtower, this Green Tea Vodka cocktail is layered with citrus flavors of lime leaves, grapefruit and lemon. It's the perfect refresher for an afternoon with friends! 🍸 Bartender's Creation
Vitamin G CocktailThis cocktail is a layer upon layer of green, starting with our Green Tea Vodka and ending with a dash of lime. In the middle you'll find green apple juice and a touch of celery juice for the ultimate green combination. 🍸 Bartender's Creation - Recipe courtesy of Bar Arbolada, Oklahoma City.
Summertime OchaTry this fresh and floral cocktail made using our Green Tea Vodka. The green tea is a perfect compliment to the botanicals of gin, with a good zesty does of lemon to be sweetly balanced with a honey lavender simple syrup. It's a flower bouquet in a glass. 🍸 Bartender's Creation - Recipe courtesy of Scratch Kitchen & Cocktails, Norman, OK.
Blood Orange MimosaTake the easy mimosa to another level with our Charbay Blood Orange Vodka as the base. Sparkle it Italian style with prosecco and you have something special for the weekend. 🍸 Bartender's Creation - Recipe by Brooke from RM 39 in Kansas City, MO.
Bloody MaryThere's nothing quite like a homemade bloody mary. Getting the ingredients takes the most effort. The making part is easy. Try this Korean inspired version for a new take on a classic. 🍸 Bartender's Creation - Recipe by Matt Katzin from Fern Bar in Sebastopol, CA.
Fern Bargarita #1Like your margarita with a kick, a citrus twist and cool, sweet watermelon? That's the Fern Bargarita #1. This delicious tequila combination of spice, zest and sweet is right in so many ways. 🍸 Bartender's Creation - Recipe by Matt Katzin from Fern Bar in Sebastopol, CA.
Cold Brew MartiniLooking to take your espresso martini up a notch? Try this cold brew martini with our Charbay Clear Vodka and a dash of homemade cinnamon syrup. 🍸 Bartender's Creation - Recipe by Matt Katzin from Fern Bar in Sebastopol, CA.
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