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Tapatio Añejo: Paste Magazine 5/3/2017
The Beginner's Guide to Craft Tequila

Tapatio Excelencia: Cigar & Spirits 3/23/2017
Top 5 Tequilas of 2016
Fabulous intensity of flavor with all the aromatic elements perfectly delineated: intense cooked Agave, cake, spices, brown sugar, chocolate, vanilla and caramel, nuts and light spices, all of which are assembled into a sumptuous whole, with the creamy taste of oak.

Tapatio Excelencia: Wall Street Journal 2/18/16
Tequila That's Aged And Priced Like a Cognac
"Viscous and full bodied, redolent of smoke and dulce de leche, this tequila verges on being aromatically overwhelming". - Matthew Kronsberg

Tapatio Blanco 110: Vinepair 12/14/2015
4 New and Unusual Spirits to Mix With This Holiday Season sre-tcoi-pmei xin-wcliutdhe-tdhis-holiday-season/

Tapatio Excelencia: Playboy 11/16/2015
7 Bottles of Booze Worth Breaking the Bank For
"The heavy oak and long aging makes it taste as much like a fine cognac as a smooth tequila." - Jason Horn

Tapatio Blanco 80: Vinepair 9/25/2015
The 7 Tequilas for Making the Perfect Margarita
"This a great introductory tequila for those looking to make margaritas on the fruity side". - Aliza Kellerman

Tapatio Blanco 110: 3/30/2015
Best High Proof Tequilas on the Market
"Monstrously rich and pure, changing from gently sweet to dry and tingly. This stuff is pure excitement at comparatively bargain pricing—big all over, deliciously agave-forward, and particularly hard to beat for its liter-size bottling." - Ken Taylor

Tapatio Blanco: 04/2014
The 7 Best Budget Tequilas
"My favorite on this list—and at 30 bucks for a liter bottle, it's about the same price, per ounce, as the other spirits listed here." - Michael Dietsch

Tapatio Blanco 110: Men's Journal 12/17/2013
The 18 Best Tequilas in the World
The company's recently introduced Tapatio Blanco 110 (110 proof) is also surprisingly sippable, with a big floral aroma and herbal flavors.

Tapatio Blanco: Wine Enthusiast 5/1/2011
93 Points
Sweet and smooth, with light citrus notes and a faintly spicy, warming finish.


Whiskey, R5: Esquire Magazine 6/1/2017
The Best Whiskey In Every State Right Now

Whiskey III: Bourbonator 2016/2017
Bourbon Bar Review [and Whiskeys served there]
The nose on this was like nothing I had ever experienced, with distinct hops and fruit cake that intoxicated me to the point of almost forgetting to taste it.

Whiskey, R5: Redbook Mag 10/5/2016
10 Essential Gift Ideas for the Bourbon Drinkers in Your Life

Whiskey, R5: 1/25/2016
Whiskey's New Beer Infused Fringe

Whiskey, R5: Eater 11/23/2015
In Defense of Flavored Whiskey: The Best Bottles to Try
"Charbay whiskies are pricey and coveted among those who know of their excellent quality and complexity." - Heather Greene

Whiskey IV: Wine Enthusiast 7/1/2015
95 Points
"Distilled from Pilsner beer and aged for 13 years, this deep amber whiskey has a concentrated cocoa-hazelnut-caramel aroma, with an undercurrent of hops. The same flavors are echoed on the palate, although the hops are even more pronounced. It finishes long, complex and fiery, with pops of cinnamon, sarsaparilla, orange peel and clove, and a slight beer-like effervescence." - Kara Newman

Whiskey III, R5 & Stout, Brandy 1989: Food & Wine 3/31/2015
Best New Spirits
"Testors tasted dozens of new releases to find the best." - Megan Krigbaum

Whiskey III: Wine Enthusiast 2/1/2014
95 Points
"It's powerful, big and oaky on the palate, with lots of tannins rounding out into vanilla, honey and sweet-yet-bitter orange peel. - Kara Newman

Whiskey, Stout: Wine Enthusiast 2/1/2014
91 Points
"The aromas are honeyed and sweet, with touches of beer and a faint floral note. On the palate, it shows oak, a bitter hoppiness and a wash of honey. - Kara Newman

Whiskey III: Cigar Aficionado 11/1/2013
Charbay's Beer & Whiskey Connection

Whiskey, R5: Wine Enthusiast 9/1/2012
93 Points
Although it's hot—as would be expected at nearly 100 proof—bright flavors still emerge, tempered by a touch of sweetness and ginger-cinnamon fireworks. A surprising effervescence makes the flavors pop.

Whiskey III, R5 & Stout: Cigar Aficionado


Brandy 1989: Food & Home Magazine 10/21/2018

Brandy 1983: Robb Report 6/1/2011
Best of the Best 2011
#1 in CA and #3 in the US

Brandy 1983: Robb Report 1/3/2011


Green Tea Vodka: Ultimate Spirits Challenge 2016
91 Points, Highly Recommended
Pretty greenish/topaz color. Smells clearly of green tea, but also citrus zest. Flavor is clean, engagingly tea-like, dry and slightly spicy. Unique. Delicious.

100% Fruit Flavored Vodka: SF Chronicle 10/30/2015
Essential Checklist for the SF Home Bar
"Charbay distiller Marko Karakasevic keeps it simple when it comes to infused vodka, shredding organic fruit into high-proof vodka to create an extraction that they blend with even more vodka for a fresh and lively spirit." - Lou Bustamonte

Meyer Lemon Vodka: Robb Report 11/1/2007
Feature: Holiday Essentials
"Meyer lemon flavor is powerful and shows great authenticity. - Anthony Dias Blue

Pomegranate Vodka: Wine Enthusiast 5/1/2007
92 Points
The bouquet features ripe fruit, pulp, red pepper and rind. The palate entry is acidic, astringent, and tart; the midpalate highlights the peppery, zesty side of pomegranate. Finishes more tart than ripe; more biting and sap-like than juicy.

Clear Vodka: Wine Enthusiast 6/8/2006
98 Points
Nosing passes detect subtle toasty, charcoal aromas. Entry is off-dry to sweet and properly oily; sweet graininess dominates the midpalate. Aftertaste is long, bittersweet and delectably oily.

Green Tea Vodka: Wine Enthusiast 4/3/2006
92 Points
The overall bouquet impression includes seductive fragrances of ripe green melon, sage and lightly honeyed green tea with later whiffs of jasmine and honeysuckle. The palate entry is gently tea-like and a touch honeyed


Rum, Double Aged: Ultimate Spirits Challenge 2016
98 Points, Extraordinary, Highest Recommendation
This strong spirit has an earthy expression in the mouth supported by peppery spice and fruity tropical notes.

Rum, Double Aged: Wine Enthusiast 6/12/2006
98 Points
A must have for serious rum fanatics.

Rum, Double Aged: Uncrate


Whiskey: Forbes 5/12/2017
Why We Don't Talk About Whiskey Loving Women

Tapatio: Vinepair 4/28/2017
10 Best Selling Tequilas in the World
With its distillation process and its rich history dating back to the 1800s, it’s no surprise this brand finds itself in the top ten selling brands.

Whiskey: Eater 5/18/2016
From Brews to Booze: Turning Craft Beer Into Whiskey
"If you start out with something delicious, you are going to concentrate delicious." - Mike Pomranz

Charbay: SF Chronicle 2/8/2015
Charbay Hits the Bullseye When it Comes to Distilling
The Karakasevic lineage and rich history distills down to pure legacy.

Tapatio: Tequila Aficionado 3/13/2014
Legacy Awards rMoEmDisAeL-awards-legacy-brands/

Whiskey: Press Democrat 3/4/14
World of Whiskey
"S Whiskey Lot 211A is made with Bear Republic's Big Bear Stout for a serious taste of orange caramel and vanilla spice, perfect for sipping." - Virginie Boone