Charbay Meyer Lemon Vodka

Charbay Meyer Lemon vodka bottle image

Craft Vodka Blended With Pure, Whole Fruit

You’re drinking an original.

Meyer Lemon Vodka was the first 100% whole fruit vodka in the US.

  • Made from organically grown Meyer Lemons
  • Whole Meyer Lemons are used, zest and all
  • Takes 68 days to create the purest extract
  • Blended with our smooth, crisp Clear Vodka

What to expect? A juicy, sun-ripened Meyer Lemon with a kick.

John Barleycorn Gold Medal image for Charbay vodka
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“excellent example of what lemon infused vodka should be”

Tasting Profile

Palate: Subtly sweet with a touch of floral and spice

Finish: Smooth, sweet lemons, light tang

Alcohol 40% | 80 Proof | 1L

West Side

Created by Dushan Zaric at the super popular Employees Only, NYC. A perfect example of how to make a simple cocktail spectacular when it’s base is a whole fruit vodka, like our Charbay Meyer Lemon.

Kind words from Sam Davies,

“An aroma of pulp and lemon drops is a good preview of what’s to come. The palate is quite tart and acidic, not all that different from sucking on an actual lemon.”
Meyer lemon vodka made with the whole fruit going into the extractor
Meyer lemon vodka with the whole lemons going in to be extracted
Bottle of Charbay Meyer Lemon vodka with sliced lemons and lemon twirl in the background