Charbay Clear Vodka

Charbay Clear vodka bottle image

Handcrafted American Vodka

Our Clear Vodka is pure, smooth, crisp, like a premium vodka should be.

  • Made from 100% pure grain (mix of corn & rye) direct from Midwest farmers
  • Using fantastic northern California water
  • For purity, we don’t use charcoal, diamond dust or filter agents

What to expect? A plump grain body with a wonderful smooth finish. Great at room temperature, amazing cold!

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“Vodka of the Year”

Tasting Profile

Palate: Touch of corn sweetness with subtle vanilla and almond

Finish: Soft, smooth with a light peppery finish

Alcohol 40% | 80 Proof | 1L

Clear vodka martini made with Charbay vodka and olives

Epic Vodka Martini

Everyone needs a go-to Vodka Martini recipe. Our Clear Vodka martini is epic!

Kind words from Chris Carlsson, Spirits Review

“Already very clean to start with, chilling it down makes it even more smooth. Great at room temperature, amazing cold. Martini was excellent (with olive or twist).”
Marko Karakasevic on the bottling line for Charbay Clear Vodka in a new bottle
Charbay Clear Vodka bottle on the production line
Bottle of Charbay Clear Vodka sitting on a marble table with cocktail accessories around it and cut up lime
Marko Karakasevic holding a bottle of Charbay Clear Vodka while in the distillery