Charbay Brandy No. 89

Charbay No 89 Brandy bottle image

Very Mature California Brandy

Brandy No. 89 is California Brandy at its best. It shows what’s possible when you give a master distiller, with 13 generations of family distilling history, access to the highest quality Northern California grapes and a custom made alambic pot still. Taste the richness of 24 years of aging and you’ll agree with many that this California Brandy is top shelf and world-class.

  • Aged for 24 years in new French Limousin and Nevers oak barrels
  • Double distilled in our custom made Alambic Charentais pot still
  • 74% Pinot Noir and 26% Sauvignon Blanc grape blend

What to expect? Smooth with a fire in its soul. We bottled at a higher proof, because it deserved to be.

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Tasting Profile

Notes: Pear, jasmine, toasty vanilla, with notes of dark chocolate

Finish: Smooth, finely balanced with heat and spice on the finish

Alcohol 46% | 92 Proof | 750ml

Marko Karakasevic, Master Distiller, on the making of Charbay Brandy No. 89

“We selected 22 barrels that captured toasty, caramel richness that we wanted for this release. When it got down to the strength of the finished brandy, I didn’t have the heart to cut the alcohol below 46% because the flavors were so meshed and smooth. So though you may expect a Brandy at 40%, there’s a little more gusto in this bottling.”

Kind words from Christopher Null, Drinkhacker

Rating A- “No. 89 is well-balanced and refined, growing on you with its easy sweetness and sultry finish as you continue to experience it. Fun stuff, and proof that America can crank out a brandy just as sophisticated as the French.”
Charbay alembic pot still used to make Charbay Brandy No 89 with barrels in the background
Marko Karakasevic pressing grapes for Charbay Brandy
Bottle of Charbay Brandy 89 close up