Charbay Green Tea Vodka

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Craft Vodka Blended With Green Tea

Green Tea Vodka, our unique, original creation.

  • Made from rare, whole-leaf green teas
  • Freshly picked then lightly dried
  • Takes 120 days to create the purest extract of Green Tea
  • Blended with our smooth, premium Clear Vodka

What to expect? Freshly brewed green tea with a light swirl of honey.

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“The most enigmatic vodka”

Tasting Profile

Palate: Floral notes of jasmine and honeysuckle

Finish: Herbaceous with a slightly honeyed finish

Alcohol 35% | 70 Proof | 1L

Cocktail called Marko Palmer made with green tea vodka. Glass with lemon and mint garnish in front. Jug of the cocktail in the background.

Green Tea Marko Palmer

Green Tea Vodka with lemonade. With a flavor this complex, it doesn’t need much more.

Kind words from Penelope Bass, Imbibe Magazine

“The aroma is identical to that of freshly brewed tea with grassy and lightly floral notes and just a hint of sweetness, like green tea with honey, making it perfect for summer refreshers.”
Green tea vodka made from green tea sourced from China. This is the field of green tea.
Charbay Green Tea vodka bottle with green tea matcha powder in the background
Green tea vodka bottle next to a cocktail called liquid zen
Close up of a green tea leaf that Charbay Green Tea Vodka is made from