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An Original California Distillery

13 Generations of Family Distilling History

Our Spirits

We make Whiskey, Vodka, Brandy, Rum and Liqueurs (and a few other specialties through time). Every one of our spirits is unique in some way. We push the limits because we can. Only if the flavor is bold, memorable and exciting to us, does it get released to you. Our standards are high, our adoring fans are many. We are grateful for each and every one of them…

Our Story

Our family’s been producing spirits in California since 1983, making us an original of craft distilling in America. Today there are over 2000 distilleries. We were #177. Guided by 13 generations of distilling knowledge, we understand the effort and time it takes to make awesome. We don’t believe in shortcuts. We take as long as it needs.

Our Distillery

We distill with a copper Alambic pot still, uniquely made to our exact specifications. Why? Because it produces the depth of flavor we know you’ll appreciate. But it’s slow, takes patience and years of experience to master. Exactly why we love it!


We’ve received amazing press over the years.

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Our Latest Articles & Awards

Here are the most recent articles and awards we’ve been fortunate to receive.

To learn more about our family, the distillery, and artisan products we craft, click here for all our articles.

Tapatio tequila blanco 110 featured in a vinepair article on overproof tequilas
Article by Vine pair on tapatio tequila
Charbay vodka in an article in the Press Democrat
Tapatio Tequila Blanco 110 written about in an article in Punch

Upcoming Events

We love being part of the community, pouring at events, participating in competitions, supporting causes who help others out. Here is what we have coming up in our calendar. Say hi to us there or enjoy one of our many distinctive Charbay products.

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Promotional flyer inviting people to book the Charbay 40th anniversary cruise in 2024.

Apr 13-20, 2024. Join us for a fun cruise to Mexico. We’ll be hosting an exclusive 40th anniversary party on board!