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Charbay Distillery

An Original for 13 Generations

Our Spirits

We make Whiskey, Vodka, Brandy, Rum and Liqueurs (and a few other specialties through time). Every one of our spirits is unique in some way. We push the limits because we can. Only if the flavor is bold, memorable and exciting to us, does it get released to you. Our standards are high, our adoring fans are many. We are grateful for each and every one of them…

Our Story

Our family’s been producing spirits in California since 1983, making us an original of craft distilling in America. Today there are over 2000 distilleries. We were #177. Guided by 13 generations of distilling knowledge, we understand the effort and time it takes to make awesome. We don’t believe in shortcuts. We take as long as it needs.

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Our Distillery

We distill with a copper Alambic pot still, uniquely made to our exact specifications. Why? Because it produces the depth of flavor we know you’ll appreciate. But it’s slow, takes patience and years of experience to master. Exactly why we love it!

“Arguably the first craft whiskey maker in America, and certainly the most unique…”  

– Aaron Goldfarb, Gear Patrol

It makes our day to be recognized for our dedication to the fine art of distilling.