Tequila Tapatío Reposado

Aged Tequila From Cult Classic Distillery

As word spread about Tapatío Blanco we knew you wanted this cult favorite from Mexico, at the next level up. Being the US exclusive importers of Tapatío we were lucky to get access to this limited production Reposado.

  • Made by La Alteña distillery, founded by Don Felipe Camarena Hernández in 1937
  • From 100% blue weber agave grown in the highlands of Jalisco
  • Aged for 8 months in used bourbon barrels, 6 months more than required

What to expect? With longer aging in used bourbon barrels, this top shelf tequila is delicate and complex.

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Tasting Profile

Palate: Delicate flavors of caramel, with notes of oak and smoke

Finish: Subtle, light oak, easy to sip to the finish

Alcohol 40% | 80 Proof | 750ml

Tapatio Reposado red cocktail in a glass with a raspberry garnish

Blood Orange & Ancho Paloma

The slight caramel of Tapatío Reposado matches the tang of citrus and sweetness of pineapple in this tropical cocktail.

Kind words from Amanda Schuster, Distiller.com

“This is a fine example of a reposado that represents the perfect transition between blanco and añejo. It’s very subtle and easy to sip, without being over-oaked.”
Tapatio reposado tequila made from blue agave plants hand farmed in Mexico
Tapatio reposado tequila bottle next to a red cocktail
Tapatio tequila made from baking blue agaves