Charbay Brandy No. 83

Charbay Brandy No83 bottle image

Extremely Mature California Brandy

With the release of Brandy No. 83, we staked our claim as an original craft distillery in the US. It was a double celebration, with this California Brandy the first spirit distilled in our newly installed Alambic Charentais pot still. Custom made by Pruhlo, imported from France, this copper pot is the heart of our family distilling today.

  • One of the oldest California Brandys, aged for 27 years in new French Limousin and Nevers oak barrels
  • Made in the traditional Cognac style, distilled in our Alambic Charentais pot still
  • 100% Folle Blanche grapes, grown in Yountville, CA

What to expect? If you can find a bottle…it’s likely to be one of the finest and most memorable California Brandys you’ll ever experience. What makes it unforgettable is the rich intensity unfolding as you sip. Exactly why we aged it for 27 years!

97 point medal from
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“Made in 1983…the oldest on the list”

Tasting Profile

Notes: Evolving richness of toasty vanilla, caramel and blood orange

Finish: Lingering notes of dried fruit, candied orange peel and spices

Alcohol 40% | 80 Proof | 375ml & 750ml

Miles Karakasevic, Master Distiller, on the making of Charbay Brandy No. 83

“Launching the Brandy program in 1983 was a long-term commitment to distilling in California. I wanted the brandy to reflect my heritage of hand distilling. That my son Marko apprenticed by my side and learned to distill whiskey, rum and vodka while the Brandy aged…well that’s how my people carry on. For me distilling isn’t a business, it’s a way of life.”

Kind words from Stephanie Moreno,

“…The brandy is decidedly soft and easy to drink with a long lasting finish of more dried fruit. A real treat to taste so purchase if you see it.”
Medal plaque on the alembic pot still made by the Pruhlo family for Charbay
Bottle of Charbay Brandy No 83 made in California. In the background is raisins, cinnamon sticks and cloves which are the flavors of this California brandy
Charbay Brandy made from locally sourced red grapes. Pumping into a container of grapes.
Charbay Brandy No 83 was aged for 27 years in French oak barrels