Tequila Tapatío Excelencia Extra Añejo

An Exceptionally Old Tequila

SOLD OUT. We’re waiting patiently for the next lot to age. Sorry to say but it may be a while before it reaches perfection.

Tequila Tapatío Excelencia Extra Añejo, one of the oldest on the market, is prized by tequila aficionados. We begged Tapatío for an allocation of this special tequila. Lot 1 sold out in a flash. We were granted Lot 2, but who knows if and when we’ll get more.

  • Aged 5 years in used Excelencia barrels, and an additional 10 years in 5 liter glass jugs
  • Made by La Alteña distillery, founded by Don Felipe Camarena Hernández in 1937
  • From 100% blue weber agave grown in the highlands of Jalisco

What to expect? Imagine the smoothest tequila you’ve ever had, then some more…

Tasting Profile

Palate: Sandalwood, baking spices, citrus and herbal notes of sage and thyme

Finish: Elegant, refined, extremely smooth yet vibrant

Alcohol 40% | 80 Proof | 750ml