Our Clear Vodka isn’t filtered through charcoal or diamond dust or any kind of filter agent. Why not? Because when you distill it properly the first time, there’s no impurities or contaminants to filter out. Plus filtering strips the body and mouthfeel out of your vodka.

The key is to start with the best. Like the philosophy behind all of our spirits, when you start with delicious, you concentrate delicious. Crafting the vodka portfolio is no different. We distill from 100% pure grain (a mix of corn and rye) sourced directly from farmers in the Midwest, then blend with crystal clear Northern California water. Distilled correctly, one time only, in a 4-column still, we build a body with a silky, smooth mouthfeel you can taste. Why would you want to strip away any of that incredible flavor?

Would you like to know Marko’s point of view on the filtering of vodkas?

“If you have a dirty pair of jeans and have to wash them 5x, they were filthy. Same thing with vodka. If you have to filter the hell out of it, it was dirty to start with.”