If you’re choosing a fruit vodka wouldn’t you want the taste to be of the entire fruit, and nothing else? Our fruit flavored vodkas are made with freshly-picked, sun-ripened whole fruit, with no dyes, no additives and no preservatives. This is why we only make it once a year, when the fruit is in season, at its most delicious. When it reaches ideal ripeness, it’s picked and sent directly to us. We take this nature ripened fruit and put the whole thing through our shredder. Why? We want you to taste the purity of the whole fruit, not just elements of it. The next step is the extraction process and depending on the fruit, takes anywhere between 68-90 days. The final step is the integration of this concentrated fruit into our award-winning Clear Vodka. It’s a long and time consuming process but the end product is magnificent, just like biting into the whole, real fruit.