When we say our vodkas are made from real fruit (or leaf) we mean exactly that. They are made from the whole fruit; zest, flesh, pith, everything. All of our fruits and the green tea leaves are picked at their ripest, most delicious point. This is as nature intended the flavor and it’s the taste you expect. We put our fruits through a piece of equipment, designed specifically by us, to extract the pure flavors over time, which we then blend with our own Clear Vodka. You can tell our vodkas are made with only real ingredients because of the sediment that is sometimes visible. Before we bottle we remove the chunks but because we pack so much flavor into the vodka by using real fruit, it can fall out of solution. Simply tip the bottle up and down a few times and watch the fruit settle back into the vodka.

How is this different to ‘natural flavor’ that is listed on some brands? Not easy to answer. According to the Food and Drug Administration, a natural flavor is defined as oils, resins, or other extracts derived from natural sources, which include animals, spices, fruits, vegetables and plants. That sounds okay but the problem is that the word “natural” has no formal legal definition. In fact, according to the Environmental Working Group, things like solvents, emulsifiers, flavor enhancers and preservatives can make up 80% to 90% of natural flavors. Sounding a lot less ‘natural’ than we would like. We prefer our definition of natural – 100% whole fruit and nothing else. And others agree.

According to the Sam Davies, from Drinkhacker on our Meyer Lemon Vodka – “…not all that different from sucking on an actual lemon”.

Imbibe Magazine on our Green Tea Vodka – “The aroma is identical to that of freshly brewed tea…”