Nothing quite beats drinking a straight whiskey, in a perfectly balanced glass, especially at the end of a long day. All of our whiskeys are made to be sipped. Dilute them with ice or water, to your liking, but we craft them to be enjoyed straight. This is the sign of top shelf whiskey – flavorful, smooth, well-balanced, softly aromatic with a fresh nose and palate. Yes there is an intensity but a sipping whiskey shouldn’t ‘burn’.

We’re artisans of flavor, crafting a style you’ll find distinctive and memorable. Our process is super slow. We take the time and that makes the difference. With an alambic pot still, custom-made to our specifications, we create our whiskeys piece by piece. First we build the body, then fill that body with flavor.

Once the flavor from the still is right we barrel age all of our whiskeys, using new and used French oak. It could be anywhere from 29 months, as we do for R5 or 8 years for the Stout Whiskey in our Doubled & Twisted. We like to focus on the flavor of the whiskey much more than the flavor of the barrel. Nothing is released until we are confident it has reached its potential.