Distilling means everything to us, as a multi-generational family-owned distillery. Titles aren’t everything but we do believe distilling is a trade and should be recognized like most other trades, at a professional level. After all, to create a spirit with great flavor, worthy of your admiration, takes great skill and many long years of dedication. The title of Master Distiller does exist but there isn’t a standard definition across the industry. We adhere to the classical definition of Master Distiller: “someone who has equaled or bettered the skill of his teacher”, which in our family’s case is our father.

Miles earned the title of Master Distiller in 1956, following in the footsteps of 11 generations before him.

Marko gained his Master Distiller recognition in 2009, with the release of Doubled & Twisted Light Whiskey, distilled from bottle-ready beer.