The most well-known classifications of tequila are Blanco, Reposado, Añejo and Extra Añejo. Each have their virtues, but when it comes to sipping, most people prefer a tequila with some barrel aging. When a tequila rests inside a barrel, the liquid expands into the barrel’s wood, then contracts out again. As this natural process happens, day in day out, the liquid draws flavors and color from the wood, building complexity along the way. Being artisans of flavor, we like to offer spirits that delight you with their intricacies. And we believe in the purity of a well-made, handcrafted spirit, which is why we were drawn to the cult favorite, Tapatío. Like us, they are a family-owned, multi-generational distillery, producing high quality products people love. They don’t just deliver to the standards required of them, but go beyond to over-deliver for the customer. A great example of this in practice is the extra length of time Reposado, Añejo and Extra Añejo are aged in used barrels. It mightn’t make good business sense to age longer, but it sure makes sense from a flavor perspective…

Tapatío Reposado – 8 months (standard is 2 months)

Tapatío Añejo – 18 months (standard is 12 months)

Tapatío Excelencia Extra Añejo – 5 years (standard is 3 years). Additionally aged for 5 years in glass jugs.