Charbay Distillery stands for kindness.

We hope you stand with us, in kindness, to support Northern California fire survivors.

The Firehouse whiskey is made in honor of survivors of the Northern California fires. Charbay distillery pledges to donate $10,000 to Stand for Kindness to help these survivors restore their lives.

Stand For Kindness (a 501c3 organization) provides a crowdsourcing platform that allows people from around the world to give ongoing financial support to families and individuals devastated from the wildfires that ravage Northern California.


We choose to work with Stand For Kindness in an effort to bring relief to fire survivors in our community.


Our most recent project with Stand For Kindness

Christmas for Butte County Children Program

In Northern California, there are hundreds of happy kids thanks to Stand For Kindness.

Christmas for Butte County Children Program at a glance: During Christmas 2018, in collaboration with Stand For Kindness, Charbay Distillery and thousands of good Samaritans and companies banded together to deliver Christmas to children of the Camp Fires.

The Christmas Program facilitated personalized gift giving to over 400 children. Kids were asked to write a wish list to Santa. Each child was personally shopped for, and we mean down to their actual sizes and specific wish lists. Presents were gathered either by supporters of Stand For Kindness using generous donations from our community or by bighearted individuals wanting to help. We raised over $42,000 in less than a month!

Donations of money and items including toys, books, furniture and clothing came from all over California. The Ukiah community including Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts wrapped over 2,000 presents to be delivered just in time for Christmas.

All of this was made possible by the support of countless volunteers. Many people transported donations, sorted and wrapped clothing and gifts, and donated their money, time, and goods. Even a semi truck was donated.

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