A Modern Take
On A Traditional Spirit

Double Aged Rum

In 2005, Miles and Marko envisioned creating an ultra-smooth, floral rum distilled in Charbay's traditional 100% copper pot still made from sugar cane syrup that they sourced Hawaiian and Jamaican sugar cane syrup for its fresh cane fragrance.

A decade later, Master Distiller Marko Karakasevic opted to release the rum uncut and unfiltered to share the rum's full profile. Barrel/cask-strength: 136.8 proof (68.4% abv.)

Total production: 468 cases – only 120 cases released in 2016 Founder's Collection

Alcohol 68.4% | 136.8 Proof | 750ml


Miles and Marko doubled-distilled the rum in Charbay's classic 100% copper Alambic Charentais Pot Still. They aged it for five (5) years in stainless steel, which allowed a new set of fragrance molecule chains to form peacefully. Next, the rum was transferred to used French oak barrels for three (3) years. A second set of fragrance molecules formed under the influence of oxygen and wood.



“Very limited production… A Gorgeous, bright henna/auburn color; perfectly sediment-free. Considering the cask strength, the initial nosing passes are more about the can syrup than the high abv… Entry is warming, only slightly prickly with spirit needles, and is remarkably robust, potent, toasty, chewy in texture, and spicy/zesty; midpalate vibrates with cane-y sweetness and oiliness. Finishes extremely long in the throat that’s tingling with the spirit, but in the nicest way of campfire warmth. Nice work!

Paul Pacult's Spirit Journal June 2016

"Charbay's new Rum reminds you yet again what a robust and elegant spirit rum can when in the hands of a talented distiller. Full bodied, with ample tannins and nuttiness...(this rum) evolves across the palate with warm caramel, leather, and dark chocolate notes before finishing with dry but lingering baking spices. A mature pot still rum meant for savoring."

Martin Cate of Smuggler's Cove and White Chapel, SF

98 Points (Extraordinary, Ultimate Recommendation), Ultimate Spirits Challenge 2016

Tasting Notes: "Savory plantain and overripe banana mix with juicy nectarines and brown sugar to create a complex set of aromatics. This strong spirit has an earthy expression in the mouth supported by peppery spice and fruity tropical notes."