A Modern Take
On A Traditional Spirit

Double Aged Rum

In 2005, Miles and Marko challenged themselves to make a rum to rival the best in the world, using their traditional copper Alambic Charentais pot still. As their source they used the highest quality sugar cane syrup from Hawaii, extracted in a vacuum still, making it 4 times purer than molasses. The syrup was fermented with champagne yeast and aged for a week on lees to develop a richer, deeper character, then double-distilled and double aged in stainless steel and used French oak. They did it, creating a world-class rum with rich aromas of crème brûlée, notes of nutmeg, salted caramel & smoky oak and a finish that endures, with flavors of baking spices and caramel truffle.

In the words of Marko, the Master Distiller, "The syrup from Maui really shines. We aged our rum for 5 years in stainless steel, which really let the body of the spirit develop. We then aged in used French oak for 3 years, to add a pinch of brown spices, vanilla and smoky toasted oak, to make an even bigger body and flavor profile".

Gold Medal / 95 Points / Exceptional Rating - "A clean, rich, well-aged overproof Rum for powerhouse punches and the like". - Beverage Testing Institute

98 Points - "This strong spirit has an earthy expression supported by peppery spice and fruity tropical notes". - Ultimate Spirits Challenge

5 STARS / Highest Recommendation - "Finishes extremely long in the throat that's tingling with the spirit, but in the nicest way of campfire warmth". - Paul Pacult, Spirit Journal

Alcohol 68.4% | 136.8 Proof | 750ml