Amazing Cocktail Recipes

We have a huge recipe collection, created over the years by us and our many wonderful friends.

Whether you like a vodka, tequila or whiskey cocktail, you’ll find something delicious in this list. Browse by category or name to find your perfect recipe.

Crouching Tiger Hidden CarrotWith the extra aging, Tapatio Reposado Tequila is a great sipping tequila. It's also delightful when mixed in this cocktail, made unique with a carrot syrup flavor. 🍸 Bartender's Creation - Recipe by Trick Dog Bar, SF. Photo courtesy of Sonya Yu.
Blood Orange & Ancho PalomaIf you like a Paloma, then you're in for a treat. The fresh blood orange, lime and pineapple juice brings out the best in our Tapatio Reposado Tequila.🍸 Bartender's Creation - Recipe and photo courtesy of @tipplepics, Los Angeles, CA