Amazing Cocktail Recipes

We have a huge recipe collection, created over the years by us and our many wonderful friends.

Whether you like a vodka, tequila or whiskey cocktail, you’ll find something delicious in this list. Browse by category or name to find your perfect recipe.

Sex in the ValleyThis cocktail starts with our Green Tea Vodka, boosted by the flavors of mint and thyme. This cocktail has been on the the Solage Resort list since they opened, for good reason. 🍸 Bartender's Creation - Recipe by Kelly Dallas at Solbar, Solage Resort & Spa, Calistoga, CA
Brasswood’s GT CoolerWant something more than a regular Cooler? Blend together our Green Tea Vodka with fresh strawberries and you have a winning cocktail. 🍸 Recipe courtesy of Brasswood Bar & Kitchen, St Helena, CA
Green Tea CoolerThis Cooler cocktail is as easy as it gets, especially when you start with our Green Tea Vodka. Made with rare green tea leaves, extracted for 120 days, this cocktail recipe doesn't need much more. 🍸 Recipe courtesy of Angele Restaurant, Napa, CA
Marko PalmerThe popular Arnold Palmer is the ultimate summertime drink. Make it more interesting with our Green Tea Vodka. Named in honor of our Master Distiller, Marko Karakasevic. RECIPE VIDEO INCLUDED
Mango Matcha PunchOur Green Tea Vodka, is all tea with a hint of honey sweetness. When combined with a mango puree, the flavor is exotic with delightful floral notes. 🍸 Recipe courtesy of Morimoto, Napa, CA
Liquid ZenLooking for a moment of zen with flavors that are balanced and complimentary. Try our Green Tea Vodka cocktail with the coolness of cucumber and the zing of ginger. 🍸 Bartender's Creation - Recipe by Evan Rothrock from Crafty Cask RECIPE VIDEO INCLUDED