Amazing Cocktail Recipes

We have a huge recipe collection, created over the years by us and our many wonderful friends.

Whether you like a vodka, tequila or whiskey cocktail, you’ll find something delicious in this list. Browse by category or name to find your perfect recipe.

The Twisted AppleLooking for a spooktacular Halloween cocktail? Try Doubled & Twisted Whiskey, hard apple cider, brown sugar syrup, topped with a ghost like foam, finished with bats stencilled in cinnamon. It's boo-tiful....
Fall CocktailWarm up your insides with this Fall cocktail recipe. The hoppiness of Doubled & Twisted Whiskey balances perfectly with the spiciness of a well made Apple Cider.
Ancho ContortoIf you don't know what Ancho Leon is, then you should. It's an ancho chili-infused aged Brandy. It blends so well with Doubled & Twisted, our aged, hopped whiskey. 🍸 Bartender's Creation - Recipe by the bar team at Sky & Vine Rooftop Bar at Archer Hotel, Napa, CA
BoulevardierTry our version of the an old-time favorite, the Boulevardier. The layers of hoppy flavor in our triple blend Doubled & Twisted Whiskey elevate this classic to a new level. RECIPE VIDEO INCLUDED