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We have a huge recipe collection, created over the years by us and our many wonderful friends.

Whether you like a vodka, tequila or whiskey cocktail, you’ll find something delicious in this list. Search by category, ingredient or cocktail name to find your perfect recipe. We also have a recipe ebook for you to make your own cocktails. Click on the Recipe tab in the menu to download it.

Need inspiration by the season? Scroll down below for our Seasonal Recipe Collection for you to download and have fun creating.

Blood & RosesBlood & Roses, a cocktail worthy of its name. Blood Orange Vodka, Aperol, Miso topped with elderflower liqueur foam for a floral finish 🍸 Bartender's Creation - Recipe by Ramen Gaijin
Liquid ZenLooking for a moment of zen with flavors that are balanced and complimentary. Try our Green Tea Vodka cocktail with the coolness of cucumber and the zing of ginger. 🍸 Bartender's Creation - Recipe by Evan Rothrock from Crafty Cask RECIPE VIDEO INCLUDED
BoulevardierTry our version of the an old-time favorite, the Boulevardier. The layers of hoppy flavor in our triple blend Doubled & Twisted Whiskey elevate this classic to a new level. RECIPE VIDEO INCLUDED
Flowing KonomiThe taste of Mexico meets the flavors of Japan. Try this tequila based cocktail, made with overproof Tapatio Blanco 110, blended with green tea and shiso leaf. 🍸 Bartender's Creation - Recipe by Lee Zaremba at Billy Sunday, Chicago, IL
Headless Racer #5Why headless? The creators thought the combination of our Racer 5 Whiskey with Tapatio Blanco Tequila needed an edgy name. 🍸 Bartender's Creation - Recipe by Angel Hernandez & Jason Escudero at Sam's Social Club, Calistoga, CA
Espresso MartiniLike a Martini? Like coffee? Then you should make this Espresso Martini with our Clear Vodka and coffee liqueur. It can be your coffee hit for later in the day...
Epic Vodka MartiniAccording to EPIC Steak, a Martini should taste clear and crisp. It sure will be when you use our Clear Vodka, handcrafted in the purest way by Charbay Distillery. 🍸 Bartender's Creation - Recipe by Nick Henry, Beverage Manager at EPIC Steak, SF
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Cocktail Recipes by Season

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