Racer 5 Fizz

Racer 5 Fizz

This cocktail includes an egg, which is actually very easy to mix with! The result is an extremely lush, flavorful cocktail (don’t worry, you can’t taste the egg).


2 oz. Whiskey R5 (Lot No. 4)
1 oz. fresh lemon juice
.75 oz. honey syrup
1 egg white
1 splash Racer 5 IPA® Beer


In the tall tin, place the white from one egg. In the short tin, add lemon juice, honey syrup and R5 Whiskey. Combine tins and dry shake vigorously. Add ice and shake hard again. Add about two ounces of Racer 5 into both tins, rinsing the empty one for extra foam. Strain full tin into a highball glass and let set for about 2 minutes. From the short tin slowly pour beer into center of the foam in the highball glass until it rises above the rim. Spoon foam from tin to cover hole in foam, add straw and serve!