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Between Miles and Marko Karakasevic, Charbay has released every category of spirit besides Gin. Some of them sold out before we could make more – you can find them here!

Pilsner Whiskey, Released in Five Bottlings

Distillers’ Notes: When my father & I distilled this whiskey in ‘99, we decided to release it in waves so whiskey fans could experience the evolving flavors just as if they were at the Distillery. Now, with 20 years of age, the hops have settled into the mid palate while the toasty richness from the American oak barrels carries the bold main body. Some want to add a splash of water, some won’t. Be ready for an explosion of spice and caramel flavors.

- Marko Karakasevic, 13th Generation Master Distiller

Release I:

Aged 2 years in new American White Oak. 840 bottle release. 64.7% ABV (129.4 proof), barrel strength.

Release II:

Aged 6 years in new American White Oak + 3 years in stainless. 120 case release. 55% ABV (110 proof), barrel strength.

Release III:

Aged 6 years in new American White Oak + 8 years in stainless. 228 case release. 66.2% ABV (132.4 proof), barrel strength.

Release IV:

Aged 13 1/2 years in new American White Oak. 223 bottle release. 69.6% ABV (139.2 proof), barrel strength.

Release V:

Fall 2016 release. Only 5 cases released. Email us to get information about the next Pilsner Whiskey (2015) batch, which is now barrel aging.

Doubled & Twisted

D & T, officially called Doubled & Twisted, was Marko Karakasevic's Liquid Thesis to become 13th generation Master Distiller. Distilled from bottle-ready IPA beer.

D&T Lot 1 Whiskey

Uniquely distilled from custom brewed Bear Republic beers, Single Malt, Pilsner and Stout. As reviewed by the Sante Magazine, "This is a smooth, flavorful whiskey that can be enjoyed neat, without any after-burn..."

Nostalgie Liqueur

Made in small batches from local walnuts handpicked by Marko. Walnuts undergo a 2-year long extraction process, then added to Pinot Noir brandy, along with a secret mix of herbs and spices. "Best liqueur in the world", Spirit Journal.

Tahitian Vanilla Rum

Charbay Tahitian Vanilla Bean Rum over ice, is as delicious as it gets. Gentle flavors so true to the Tahitian vanilla bean and rum flavors so mellow you'll wonder why you didn't start sipping it sooner. Taste the 'Miles & Marko' style of distilling.

Raspberry Vodka

100% whole, fresh berries from Willamette Valley chosen for their distinct flavor. After a 3 month extraction, Marko integrates the extract into Charbay's award winning Clear Vodka. No essences, essential oils, or "natural" flavors... just whole, fresh fruit.

R5 Clear Whiskey

Flavor profile: Malty, floral, fruity, pine, hoppy, herbaceous, confection, lychee and dried papaya.

S Clear Whiskey

In 2011, Marko became intrigued by Bear Republic's Big Bear Stout - a beer that you can really sink your teeth into. The bold, roasty, caramel malt flavor is balanced by Centennial and Cascade hops.


"... our California salute to France..." Susan Karakasevic


Pachanga Sunroot Spirit was distilled from Sunroots, tubers of the perennial sunflower indigenous to America. Pachanga is also believed to be the newest primal spirit in the world to be distilled in almost 200 years (the last one was Tequila). It was the inspiration of Miles & his American Spirit.

Charbay Tequila

Only 1,700 cases of this elegant spirit were released in 2009. We've been begging Marko and Miles to make more ever since!

Pomegranate Vodka

Made from 100% organically grown, tree-ripened pomegranates, sourced from farmers in Madera, CA. After 60 days of extracting the true flavors from the fruit, it is expertly blended into Charbay's award winning Clear Vodka.