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Charbay Nostalgie Walnut Liqueur

Bottle shot of Charbay Nostalgie Walnut Liqueur

Small Batch, Luxury Walnut Liqueur

Made in small batches from local walnuts handpicked by Marko. Walnuts undergo a 2-year long extraction process, bathing in our hand-distilled, oak-aged Pinot Noir brandy, then we blend with a secret mix of herbs and spices.

  • Made from 100% Black, English and Carpathian walnuts, handpicked from local trees
  • For the deep, rich flavor, we developed a unique, 2-year extraction process
  • Highly intensive to create, we can only make it in small batches

What to expect? A taste of the holidays. Rich, intense sweetness, like a warm, freshly baked nut pie.

COMING SOON To celebrate our 40 year anniversary of distilling, we’re releasing a new batch of Nostalgie. Guaranteed to go fast so if you find one, grab your bottle straight away.

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Tasting Profile

Notes: Baking spices, homemade nut pie and sweet molasses

Finish: The elegant flavor of baked nuts lingers long and stays smooth

Alcohol 30% | 60 Proof | 375ml

Marko on crafting Nostalgie Walnut Liqueur

“My job at our family distillery was picking the black walnuts straight from the tree. I liked this job because I got to drive the truck without a licence!”

Kind words from Paul Pacult, Spirit Journal

“Best liqueur in the world.”

Questions We’re Often Asked

What is a liqueur?2022-09-24T17:57:13-07:00

The common definition of a liqueur is an alcoholic beverage (typically brandy) flavored with fruit, spices, nuts, herbs or seeds. Yes our Nostalgie Walnut Liqueur fits this description on a basic level but we never do basic. We build this liqueur piece by piece with only pure, natural flavors we make and extract ourselves. The black walnuts are hand harvested, soaked in our own 12-year old Brandy for two years, creating a layered, complex extraction to which we add our family’s secret blend of herbs and spices to complete the picture. 

How do you drink Nostalgie Walnut Liqueur?2023-01-19T21:15:16-08:00

Mostly straight. But enjoyable in so many ways – drizzle over vanilla ice cream, freshly baked chocolate brownies, or pumpkin pie, or simply add a shot to your coffee. It’s a versatile liqueur so let your imagination run wild. We love the sound of this vintage cocktail, Angels Share, created by our friend and Bar Chef, Jacques Bezuidenhout.

Can I drink Nostalgie straight?2023-01-19T21:16:19-08:00

Yes and we recommend it neat, no ice. We believe you want to taste the purity of our hand crafted spirits and extracts, which is why every one of our products are distilled to be enjoyed on their own, including our Nostalgie Black Walnut Liqueur. After all, our belief is that if it doesn’t taste good on its own, it doesn’t deserve to be used in a recipe or a cocktail. 

Marko Karakasevic in the distillery, leaning against a barrel with Alambic pot still in the background
California walnut tree that is handpicked by Marko to create Nostalgie Walnut Liqueur
Walnuts are handpicked and undergo a 2 year extraction process to create Nostalgie Walnut Liqueur
Glass of Charbay Nostalgie Walnut liqueur
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