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Charbay Double Aged Rum

Charbay double aged rum

Superior Rum Double Aged For Sipping

Rum purists, this ones for you. Charbay Double Aged Rum won’t disappoint, at 137 proof, full cask strength, made using the best sugar cane syrup from Maui. Distilled twice through our alambic pot still, we then made it wait and wait – 5 years in stainless steel (while a clear rum), then a further 3 years in used French oak. Why? Because that’s what we do. Nothing is ready for you until we’re impressed by it.

  • Double distilled in our custom made Alambic Charentais pot still
  • Sugar cane syrup sourced from Maui, vacuum extracted for extra purity
  • Aged for 5 years in stainless steel, then 3 years in used French oak barrels

What to expect? A powerhouse of flavor. Toasty, smoky, heat that is clean to the end.

Tasting Profile

Notes: Pinch of brown spices, vanilla and smoky toasted oak

Finish: Smooth, refined with tingling heat on the finish

Alcohol 68.4% | 136.8 Proof | 750ml

Marko on making Charbay Double Aged Rum

“The syrup from Maui really shines. We aged our rum for 5 years in stainless steel, which really let the body of the spirit develop. We then aged in used French oak for 3 years, to add a pinch of brown spices, vanilla and smoky toasted oak, to make an even bigger body and flavor profile.”

Kind words from Kelley Slagle,

Score 92 – “Voluptuous but not cloying on the palate, hot vanilla, and images of sugar cane fields quickly flash by.”

Questions We’re Often Asked

What does double aged Rum mean?2023-01-19T21:03:12-08:00

It means exactly that… we double age it. First we aged Charbay Rum for five years in stainless steel as a clear rum, then we transferred it to French oak barrels for an additional three years. Eight years of aging in total. Why? We wanted you to taste the difference that time makes.

Aging in stainless steel allows the spirit to mellow and soften, without extracting additional flavor (from a barrel, for instance). Marko likes to age spirits to show off the actual spirit, not the barrel it’s aged in.

Why is our Rum so expensive?2023-01-19T21:05:34-08:00

For many reasons, including our extremely particular ingredient sourcing, our eight year double aging process, and we hate to think about it, but a volume of rum literally dissipates into thin air along the way…We don’t cut corners, we take our time, and we think you should do the same when you enjoy sipping our smooth, refined, and overproof Rum.

Why is Charbay Rum so hard to find?2023-01-19T21:07:39-08:00

Made in 2016, we could only make 120 cases in total. Why such a limited production? With every product we make, we must be sure the ingredients are of the highest quality. As we say with our whiskeys, when you start with delicious, you concentrate delicious. This led us to a very limited source of sugar cane syrup we liked from Maui. Not just any syrup though. First it was extracted in a vacuum still, making it four times purer than molasses, then fermented with champagne yeast, to be aged for a week on lees. Our reason for all this hard work? To develop a richer, deeper character than an ordinary rum. You’ll experience and appreciate these layers of complexity, gently expressed in the long, lingering finish of our Charbay Rum. 

Are there many rums made in the US?2023-01-19T21:08:51-08:00

Yes many distillery friends produce rums from all corners of the US. According to the latest American Rum Report, there are 46 States producing rum. However, as humble distillers, never looking to be the center of attention, preferring to make products we enjoy drinking, we feel our Charbay Rum is a stand out. A claim well supported by many adoring fans and recognized by the experts. You’ll know what we mean on the first sip yourself…

Charbay double aged rum made from sugar cane grown in maui. Field of sugar cane with mountains in the background
Charbay double aged rum on a wood background. The flavors are shown in the background - nutmeg anc cocoa beans.
Glass of charbay double aged rum next to a cigar
Charbay printed on an American oak barrel used in aging Double Aged Rum
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