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Gone but not forgotten. Between Miles and Marko Karakasevic, Charbay has released every category of spirit besides Gin. Some of them sold out before we could make more. If you’re lucky, you may find a rare bottle in the market.

Pilsner Whiskey: Released in Five Bottlings

Distillers’ Notes: When my father and I distilled this whiskey in ‘99, we decided to release it in waves so whiskey fans could experience the evolving flavors just as if they were at the Distillery. Now, with 20 years of age, the hops have settled into the mid palate while the toasty richness from the American oak barrels carries the bold main body. Some want to add a splash of water, some won’t. Be ready for an explosion of spice and caramel flavors.

– Marko Karakasevic, 13th Generation Master Distiller

Charbay Pilsner Whiskey Release I bottle

Pilsner Whiskey Release I

Charbay Pilsner Whiskey Release II bottle image

Pilsner Whiskey Release II

Charbay Pilsner Whiskey Release Bottle III image

Pilsner Whiskey Release III

Charbay Pilsner Whiskey Release IV bottle

Pilsner Whiskey Release IV

Charbay Pilsner Whiskey Release V bottle image

Pilsner Whiskey Release V

The next series of Pilsner Whiskey is in the barrel. We’re waiting until it’s good and ready…

In 2015 we distilled a new series of our much loved Pilsner Whiskey. We’re waiting patiently for it to age in barrel. If you’d like to know more, or be one of the first to get access, send us an email.

Look at all the deliciousness we’ve distilled over the decades.

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Charbay doubled & twisted clear whiskey bottle

D&T Clear Whiskey

Doubled & Twisted Lot 1 bottle image

D&T Lot 1 Whiskey

Nostalgie walnut liqueur bottle

Nostalgie Walnut Liqueur

Charbay tahitian vanilla rum bottle image

Tahitian Vanilla Rum

Charbay red raspberry vodka bottle image

Red Raspberry Vodka

Charbay Racer 5 clear hopped whiskey bottle image

Racer 5 Clear Whiskey

Charbay stout whiskey bottle image

Stout Clear Whiskey

Pastis liqueur bottle image

Charbay Pastis Apéritif

Pachanga, the unique spirit distilled from sunroots.

Pachanga Sunroot Spirit

Charbay Blanco Tequila

Charbay pomegranate vodka bottle image

Pomegranate Vodka